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Dennis Montgomery
Computer Scientist


Computer Scientist

Cybersecurity Expert
Computer Programmer


Over 30 year career as a computer scientist, developed software programs, computer hardware, and medical devices.

The last 18 years have been devoted to developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in
cybersecurity space for the U.S. intelligence agencies.


Developed and licensed various technologies to the U.S. government intelligence agencies including Department of Defense (DOD), SOCOM, Homeland Security (HS), Department of Advanced Naval Research (NAVY), and Air Force (AF).

Holds a TS/SCI security clearance (since 2002) with case determined access to SAP programs.


Built a myriad of medical devices that are still in use today.

Licensed various medical technologies to American Hospital, Baxter Healthcare, Dupont, Corning, Perkin Elmer, the Henley Group, Fisher Scientific, Instrumentation Labs, Kaiser, Siemens, Kodak, among others.

Successfully filed multiple medical device registrations with the FDA.

Took 3Net Systems Inc. medical company public on Nasdaq August 11, 1992


Designed and built programs for GE, Intel, Technicolor, MGM, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and  including various Wall Street companies for algorithmic trading and stock predictions.
Granted technology licenses that have generated over $190 million in revenue.


Holds numerous patents and copyrights in the fields of biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), compression, biometrics, spectral analysis, 3D modeling, object identification and tracking, pattern recognition, robotics, surveillance, anomaly detection, encryption, cyber security, cyber warfare, among others.

*letters of recommendation from government officials and others upon request.


From: Lyons Robert P Capt ASC/RAB
To: ""
Subject: Msg to you/ Dennis
Date: Friday, April 09, 2004 10:45:42 AM

"Wife, Hannah, and I are in Viriginia Beach for her family's family reunion. Sun is beaming and I'm tapping out emails.

You both and your families are in my thoughts. You are heroes and I've deeply enjoyed knowing you and working with you. We are at a crease in history--you have helped the Nation be better against our foes.

I brought back two American Flags flown at the location I was at recently. One dedicated to each of you and your families. I meant to fedex these before I left, and wanted you to know about these before your trip.

Please enjoy your long overdue, well deserved vacation and send an email w/ pictures from the ship if you can. As always, I'm in this with you the whole way.

Bob Lyons

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