Dennis Montgomery
Computer Scientist


Computer Scientist

Cybersecurity Expert
Computer Programmer


Over 49 year career as a computer scientist, developed software programs, computer hardware, and medical devices.

The last 18 years have been devoted to developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in cybersecurity space for the U.S. intelligence agencies.


Developed and licensed various technologies to the U.S. government intelligence agencies including Department of Defense (DOD), SOCOM, Homeland Security (HS), Department of Advanced Naval Research (NAVY), and Air Force (AF).

Holds a TS/SCI security clearance (since 2002) with case determined access to SAP programs.


Built a myriad of medical devices that are still in use today.

Licensed various medical technologies to American Hospital, Baxter Healthcare, Dupont, Corning, Perkin Elmer, the Henley Group, Fisher Scientific, Instrumentation Labs, Kaiser, Siemens, Kodak, among others.

Successfully filed multiple medical device registrations with the FDA.

Took 3Net Systems Inc. medical company public on Nasdaq August 11, 1992


Designed and built programs for GE, Intel, Technicolor, MGM, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and  various Wall Street companies for algorithmic trading and stock predictions.
Granted technology licenses that have generated over $190 million in revenue.


Holds numerous patents and copyrights in the fields of biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), compression, biometrics, spectral analysis, 3D modeling, object identification and tracking, pattern recognition, robotics, surveillance, anomaly detection, encryption, cyber security, cyber warfare, among others.

*letters of recommendation from government officials and others upon request.

Whistleblower Efforts

I followed the proper state protocols for whistle-blowing and raising issues, only to be ignored, arrested by force, prosecuted, persecuted, discredited, slandered, defamed, and libeled,  I could have sold the data collected in illegal FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance I worked in and made millions of dollars, but didn’t. I could have sold secrets from every defense contractor in this country, but didn’t, I could have dumped 600 million pages of sensitive information on Americans and their businesses on the internet and fled to Russia, but didn’t.

I am determined to expose the truth about US Government spying on Americans and their businesses in FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs I worked in. Who gave the CIA authority to operate a domestic surveillance program inside the US?

Don't be fooled into thinking these FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs only collect phone records. These illegal spying programs that targeted Americans collect sensitive personal and business information including; financial,  phone, and medical records,  internet searches, emails, SMS & MMS messages, images, login credentials, IRS records, social security information, IP addresses with geolocation information, corporate records, corporate intellectual property, attorney client communications, attorney client documents, voter information, voter records, government communications, classified documents, and more, all collected in these illegal spying programs I worked in.

These domestic spying programs were designed, directed and supervised by US Government employees; George Tenet (CIA), John Brennan (CIA), Donald Kerr (CIA), Ed Charbonneau (CIA), and James Clapper (Head of DNI), as well as many US Government employees of the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, Director of National Intelligence, and Homeland Security in surveillance contracts awarded.

US Government employees who sat in these domestic surveillance briefings and approved massive domestic surveillance on Americans included; Dick Cheney (Vice President office), Carlotta Wells (Attorney DOJ in DC), Raphael Gomez (DOJ attorney DC), Peter Keisler (US Attorney General), Greg Addington (USAO Reno, NV), Robert Mueller (Director of FBI), Deborah Curtis (DOJ Counterintelligence attorney fired by DOJ), Daniel Bogden (US attorney Nevada fired by DOJ), James Baker (General Counsel FBI now Deputy Counsel Twitter), Paul Pugliese (USAO fired by DOJ), Ronald C Rachow (USAO fired by DOJ), and 30 or more DOJ attorneys approved FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs I worked in.

 My Wikipedia page appeared 10 days after I filed my first DOJ whistleblower complaint on illegal FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs that I worked in. This is the same time the internet trolls began attacking me.

Why is the US Government having to use internet trolls as shills to attack me?  The US Government has already been caught once violating my constitutional rights. Why didn't the US Government appeal the Nevada District court ruling? Judge Cooke caught the FBI red handed tampering with documents they provided to the court! The US Government fired the US Attorney in NV, Daniel Bogden after the court exposed DOJ attorneys and FBI agents that filed false affidavits with the court, tampered with documents they produced to the court, and outright lied to the judge to get a search warrant to search my home and arrest me looking for classified documents. This bogus FBI raid on me and my family has cost us tens of millions of dollars.

It didn't take Judge Cooke long to figure out that the FBI lied to the court in their search warrant request of the Montgomery home. The judge later concluded and stated "...the FBI was obviously looking for items at the Montgomery home other than what they put on the search warrant." The judge was right. The FBI was looking for evidence Robert Mueller and the FBI were operating FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs in Nevada off the grid and far away from any congressional oversight!

The US Government over the last 16 years has taken, seized, stolen, or refused to return 1354 disk drives, 1105TB, 165.8 billion files taken from me. These disk drives  contained my intellectual property with tens of millions of lines of source code of computer programs I have been developing since 1975. What company would tolerate the US Government stealing their intellectual property when they had no rights, title, or interest in that property? Despite my years of requests to the US Government for the return of my intellectual property, my intellectual property has not been returned to me. The US Government claims they are reviewing it for classified information. It is my property, not theirs but they continued to use it, violating my US copyrights and patents, and not pay the license fees for its use. 

The US Government weaponized the FBI and IRS against me. The IRS started a audit on me in 2006 and is still auditing me. That is a 17 year audit for 41 pages of tax returns. The IRS has now decided to take $ from my social security.

Why has the US Government kept restrictive US district court gag orders on me for the last 16 years?

I tried to get the Nevada District Court to release me from the US Government Protective Orders, but they refuse. I have nothing to hide but bad actors in the US Government sure do!

Recently a Florida District Court has ordered me to provide depositions and discovery to the companies that are involved in the various defamation lawsuits.  Not sure what the US Government will do at this point. During my 2011 deposition the DOJ, FBI, and CIA lawyers threaten to arrest me if I disclosed "sources and methods" the US Government used to interfere in foreign and domestic elections.




Codename: Hannah (2003)

We built foreign surveillance technology for the US intelligence community. A few bad actors in US Government decided to turn the foreign surveillance technology on the American people and their businesses.


Codename: The Hammer (2009)

We built a more foreign surveillance technology, than Hannah, for the US intelligence community. A few bad actors in US Government decided to turn the foreign surveillance technology on the American people and their businesses.


From: Lyons Robert P Capt ASC/RAB
To: ""
Subject: Msg to you/ Dennis
Date: Friday, April 09, 2004 10:45:42 AM

"Wife, Hannah, and I are in Viriginia Beach for her family's family reunion. Sun is beaming and I'm tapping out emails.

You both and your families are in my thoughts. You are heroes and I've deeply enjoyed knowing you and working with you. We are at a crease in history--you have helped the Nation be better against our foes.

I brought back two American Flags flown at the location I was at recently. One dedicated to each of you and your families. I meant to fedex these before I left, and wanted you to know about these before your trip.

Please enjoy your long overdue, well deserved vacation and send an email w/ pictures from the ship if you can. As always, I'm in this with you the whole way.

Bob Lyons

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